Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Perfect Solution

I have been making new pendants recently from the silver bezels that I made previously, however...the polymer clay that I have been inserting into the bezels has left me disappointed. Because I have to actually glue the clay in with a two-part epoxy after it has been cured, I was not happy with the final look. Not good enough for sale.

Soooo, I have decided to replace the polymer with resin and I am so pleased with the results! After finishing, it has the look of frosted glass and can be tinted into the yummiest of colors! Perfect for my handmade bezels. Still lots of sanding but not anymore than polymer.

These new pendants wil be up in my Etsy shop by this weekend hopefully.
I've also been working on a new website that will hopefully be up and running sometime in early June.
Lots to do but very exciting!


  1. I had wondered if polymer clay would stay in the bezels and was going to ask how you did it. Now I know not to bother! The pendants are lovely.

  2. These pendants are trurly lovely. I guess it took you hours of sanding to get effect like this...but anyway have you considered to treat polymer clay like stones and to try set them into bezels just like regular stones? one is bothering me that polymer is quite soft and may be damgaged easily...

  3. Thank-you Aga, I have tried it and personally don't like the look as much. Also for that you need an bezel with a back plate, not an open one as I have used.

  4. Rebecca, your work is lovely! I love your leaf pendants. Have you checked out "Perfectly Paired" by Patricia Kimle? She has all kinds of clever ideas for attaching polymer clay to metal without using glue.

  5. Thanks Susan, I haven't seen Patricia's new book yet but will definitely put it on my list.