Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year - Learned Lessons and New Beginnings

Well, another year is over and time to send my scrap silver to the refiner's. It has been a busy year, starting with a decision to invest more effort into my jewellery business and really buckle down, buy new equipment and learn some new skills.
After a slow start, I gained some momentum and finished off the year much more successfully than anticipated. I have learned so much in 2010 and am grateful for everyone that was kind enough to give me advice and so much valuable information that I needed.
I have to give a special thank-you to the three newest galleries that are representing me;
   Gallery Art Plus in Belleville,
   Metalworks, also in Kingston
Metalworks, in particular has been instrumental in looking at my work through a finer lens and helping me to become a better metalsmith. I hope to take more classes and continue on the same path this year.
I am very excited to find out what the new year has in store for me and my family and business and I guess the one thing that is constantly in the back of my mind (along with the cobwebs :-) is that nobody is going to come knocking on my door unless I first hit the pavement and knock on a few doors myself first. I don't know why every year that I am so surprised and delighted to find this is true. The trick for me is to get over any insecurities I may have and just be bold and confident and approach new business opportunities as if I had done this 100 times before. Every new business experience this year has been wonderful and unique and has helped me grow as a business woman, artist and person.

Thank-you and Happy New Year!

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