Sunday, June 12, 2011

Custom Order

The most nerve-wracking and rewarding part of being a jeweller is definitely making items upon request aka the "custom order".
I recently received a custom order through Made You Look for a lady who wanted a pendant made from a logo of their organization. It was to be a gift for the well-loved and admired recipient, who was retiring after many years of service. Right - no pressure!
I happily accepted hoping that I could rise to the occassion and create something worthy of the recipient and lovely enough so that she could wear it often.
I was given a short window of time to make it as I was also finishing up another custom order, starting my new job and getting jewellery ready to show to Distill Gallery in Toronto for the first time. When it rains - it pours! All good though as everything got finished on time and successfully.
I finished the pendant after many emails and telephone conversations and Fed-Exed it early Thursday morning. I waited patiently, wondering if the piece was a hit or miss. Really nervous as this had been my largest commission to date and I so wanted to hit the mark.
I received the phone call I was waiting for and she was thrilled with the pendant and thanked me over and over. The biggest weight was lifted from my shoulders and I could now look forward to the next one. Happy Days!

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