Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quebec City

I have just returned from a fabulous 4-day vacation to one of the most beautiful Canadian cities - Quebec City. It rained every day that we were there, but that did not dampen our spirits or our good times in any way.
Being that Quebec city is also one of the most romantic places to be, it was fitting that my most romantic husband and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary there. From the "Old City" to Ille d'Orleans to Montmorency Falls, every rainy step was a wonder in so many ways. We did a bit of shopping there as well as visiting the many art galleries and artists' shops.
The old part of the city is truly a wonder and definitely gives a better perspective on the history of our country like no other place I've seen.
Standing on the Plains of Abraham and seeing the old Fort as well as the scores of canons sitting exactly where they stood hundreds of years ago is truly awe-inspiring. It is just like going back in time except for the luxury hotels and posting pictures to Facebook with my iPhone :o)
Otherwise, it was just like it!
Wanting to bring home souveniers of our trips, I have started collecting little houses and Scott bought me this whimsical picture by Isabelle Malo, to add to my collection. I love it! It is happy and cheery and just what any corner of my house needs to brighten it. It is also a gift that he gave to me there when he asked me to marry him - again!
Did I say romantic? So our next trip will be to Vegas to renew our vows. So exciting!!!

I also picked up these hand-painted trinket bowls that I love to keep all over the house to hold miscellaneous things.

and this mug that I call the "Perfect Mug" from ceramic artiste, Alexandra Ratte'. It is bright and big and slightly off-center (I think I just described myself :-).
I highly reccomend a trip to Quebec city for anyone that wants to immerse themselves in history, culture and art and is in the mood for a romantic getaway!

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